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Thread: Wanted mod for sako 75

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    Wanted mod for sako 75

    Wanted mod for a .270 sako 75 can any one recommend a good one to purchase has any one got one they want to part with rifle not screw cut as yet but will probably get a 14x1 or 18x1 Thanks in advance.

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    .30 cal A-tech Maxim if you just want it for stalking. If you are using it at the range with multiple shots go for something heavier. If you decide on an otb be sure to get the bush bored out a couple of thou clear so it wont mark your barrel.john

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    Thanks for the reply

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    wildcat evo on the 280 very happy

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    +1for Wildcat Evo.

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    I'm selling a .30 cal PES T12 with my rifle currently, had interest in the rifle alone so could split? Not a lot of money and good solid reliable mod.... I think it's 14x1 thread but could check.
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    I've got a 30cal ASE JetZ 14x1 for sale if your interested. Forgot to say it's also proofed.

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    I highly recommend ASE JetZ, I have one on my sako 75 .223

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