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Thread: Nose Hairs

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    Nose Hairs

    Given that another poster on another topic commented that most on the SD are old farts, and that according to my beloved daughter I am reaching that stage, can somebody please answer this little question.

    Why do nose hairs suddenly start growing to ridiculous lengths and at phenomenal speeds once you hit the age of 45 and a little bit.

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    Ha ha,,and you're ears

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    I have the same problem - I think it is due to the body having less tolerance to low temperatures - either that or the neanderthal genes are kickin back in!

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    No idea; I pull mine out by the roots; makes my eyes water but at least it takes them a while to grow back!

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    Nose, ears, eyebrows. If it wasn't for the monthly trip to the barber, I'd look like Dennis Healy...(old fart reference).

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    On my third nose hair trimmer ,im 50 in two weeks and can assure you once it appears your doomed laddie .It makes brambles look amateurish ,after my divorce my hair starting to go and dive only to reappear out of ears ,nose and the back of my hands ,think i might get a banjo and sell the trimmer instead
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    I'm sure nose hair grows from the back of your eye ball. Always feels like it when i pull them out. Oh the joys of getting old

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    I tell my kids that the hairs sprouting out of my ears are like a cats whiskers - so I can get my head into narrow spaces with ease.
    I tell my missus the same, and apologise for the tickling.....

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    Mine feel likening brush brisels the old 1 2 3 pull, ouch!
    Ive been doing my nose and ears for bloody years and I'm only 36 bloody aweful.

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