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Thread: company on my perms

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    company on my perms

    hi guys I have a few permissions over somerset and devon, but could really do with some company, (fed up of my own ) mostly eve's and sundays, plenty of rabbits and foxes and few other, most of my perms are covered upto 308, I don't have shotgun cert but do fac, i do have own firearms, this is not me handing perms over just want some company ive been shooting since i was 9 yrs a tad older now.

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    Very kind and generous offer. Good man. I hope you find someone fitting the bill.
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    Hi golfer, where abouts are you in Devon and Somerset, would hold the light for you if you like.
    Cheers Matt

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    Where abouts are you ? Give me a shout if you need some assistance

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    If your in North Somerset then ideal, pm me.

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    I'm in Taunton matt and would be nice to have a shooting bud
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