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Thread: Inverness-shire Stalking

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    Inverness-shire Stalking

    Gents, testing the water a little here. I have been posting on the site for a few years now on a personal basis. Now due to a change in management I am advertising some stalking available on the estate where I work.

    We are approximately half an hour south west of Inverness and the estate consists of approx 12,000 acres of lowground, forestry and hill. Red, Sika and Roe deer are present and there is a very realistic chance of stalking the three species in the same day for those interested. Our stalking is a mixture of lowground, forestry, and to a lesser extent hill. We also have around a dozen well placed (roofed!) high seats so can cater for all levels of fitness and stalking preference.

    We can also offer High quality driven or rough shooting days for Grouse(availability limited), Pheasant, Partridge, Duck, etc plus Rabbits and Hares. Mixed packages are flexible and popular. We also have some excellent wild trout (boat) fishing on site.

    Self catering accommodation is available in a very comfortable, compact lodge on site (sleeps 8).

    For this season availability at stags is limited but we do have some late roebucks available plus availability for Hinds/Does and mixed Stalking/Shooting winter weeks.

    There are 4 full time Keeper/Stalkers on site and our stalking is relaxed and not hugely commercial. The emphasis being on providing quality stalking with plenty of craic going either way.

    Pictures to follow/on request.

    Genuine enquiries welcome.
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    Messages replied to, thanks.

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    Hi Traveler, I know a few guys (me included) that might be interested in a walked up day or two. Can you pm me dates that would suit you?


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    P.Ms replied to. Thanks

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    Going to be offline for a couple of days gents, will respond to any P.Ms when back. Cheers

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