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Thread: Section 7 Permit

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    Section 7 Permit

    Contacted FLO last Friday as my Shotgun Cert expires this Friday and I hadn't received any communication about renewal which was sent in good time. I explained that I use the shotguns most weekends in clay competitions so getting a little concerned. Temporary Section 7 permit received today but I was disappointed to read the following condition:

    "1. Not use the shotgun/s but keep them under secure conditions at all times. This permit is issued to enable the disposal of the below weapon/s . Upon disposal of the shotgun/s the permit should be returned to The Chief Officer of Police within 7 days"

    I never mentioned that I wanted to dispose of them! Oh well, hear goes another call to the Firearms Unit.

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    Given that statements have already been made by Police Scotland that the focus is already on renewals, rather than new applications, I shudder to think of the delays we in Scotland are going to suffer once this idiotic airgun legislation comes into force. And we only have about 100k license holders as it is. You guys in England have it pretty bad, especially when you factor-in all those discretionary conditions the English police forces seem to love
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