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Thread: wolves

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    this recently started being reposted on various social media sites despite being several years old

    brace yourself for the tooth and claw brigade jumping on the bandwagon....

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    Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm wondering about wolves 'changing rivers'? How? By eating beavers?
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    It is a nice, but incomplete, story.

    Yellowstone is a National Park, therefore no hunting/culling is allowed whatsoever. Within the park the wolves did indeed do good things. The problems are when the wolves spilled out of the park. They were still protected so untouchable for control unless actively petting on livestock. The have dramatically reduced numbers of large ungulates, resulting in decreases in available tags/licenses for take by hunters/thereby reducing the funding for state wildlife departments. All in all, they are making a mess out of the wildlife management in many western states.

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    That article has been refuted by so many wildlife biologists in Montana and Wyoming that I'm surprised it hasn't disappeared. I live here and can tell you that Wolves in the park are a tourist attraction. Outside, they are a deadly nuisance. I firmly believe that wolves outside park boundaries should be free game and shot on sight. It's a win/win for all involved.... with the possible exception of the wolf.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I firmly believe that wolves outside park boundaries should be free game and shot on sight. It's a win/win for all involved.... with the possible exception of the wolf.~Muir
    At least they have dropped the tag from $350 to $50 for the non res.

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    I saw part of a programme on Nat. Geo. a few weeks ago wherein one of the senior Park Rangers was saying more or less what was in this vid. He, however, went on to say to explain that they now identified subsequent ecological problems created by the change in habitat that required new measures to manage the way in which the flora and fauna were developing. In all, a bit of a catch twenty two.
    In short, they were now undertaking a study to determine how to control the wolf population to restore a sustainable overall balance. One problem they faced was the level of protection given to the wolves by both legislation and the ill-informed public who threatened all manner of retaliation.

    Solve one problem by creating a bigger one?

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    it is ridiculous to think that they will ever have a no fence style release of wolves in this country there is too many negatives to not so many positives. i have a degree in ecological conservation and my group was a complete mix bag and even the most adventurous was not an advocate.

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    There is a cult of Wolf Worshippers, who don't care how much damage is done to the other wildlife. Minnesota is crawling with wolves up on the Canadian border, in the Boundary Waters, and on the other side, in the Quietico. The deer are gone from there. You can hear them howling every night. When I hunted there twenty years ago, I saw wolves at bow and arrow range every other day.

    It is like the people who go to the Atlantic coast and are thrilled by the sharks in the water, or seek a thrill by getting close to a 14-foot alligator. Then one of them has their pet eaten or their arm bitten off and it is all over the news. What was that wild animal thinking?

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    I think we will eventually end up with Wolves and Lynx, these will eventually escape from introductory enclosures into the wild, courtesy of the Ifor Williams travel company?

    Personally, it seems that currently the view from some sectors is that the wishes of the minority assume greater importance than the benefit to the majority?

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