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Thread: Digi scoping

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    Digi scoping

    Hi folks
    I gave an optolyth spotting scope
    ( straight not angled eye piece)
    Been wondering about trying to take some pics etc
    I only have my iPhone & an Olympus compact camera with 24x optical zoom
    The SR-3MR model

    I know nowt about photography

    Any advice on digi scoping for beginners & can I get a mount for camera or iPhone for my optolyth which I rate .... Let me play see what I can get ?


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    I've seen some very effective homemade adapters fashioned from short pieces of plastic pipe. Might be worth looking on some of the Bird watching websites for tips.

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    There are iPhone Digi-scope adopters on eBay like this:

    Telescope Cell Phone Adapter Mobile Mounts UniversalSpotting Scope Binocula

    Item: 111904654152

    I've not tried them, so can't say how effective they are.

    I did try hooking a compact camera up to my spotting scope (a Swaro, so using an adapted to replace the eyepiece on the scope) and never really had much success. I have seen good results from other users though.

    As Glyn says, it would be worth a look at some of the birdwatching sites.
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    A few months ago I bought a Leica spotting scope second-hand. It is superb for bird-watching and watching deer at long range on the fens.
    I too thought that I would like to use it to take photographs, but have little knowledge. I do however have two very good friends who are excellent photographers and whose advice I sought.

    To cut a long story short, I came to the conclusion that it is hard enough to take really good wildlife pictures, using a 'proper' camera and telephoto lens, even if one is relatively experienced in photography. It is feasible to use a camera or phone with a suitable adapter and a spotting scope and I have seen several bird-watchers do it.
    As it is not possible to carry binoculars, spotting scope, tripod and a camera with telephoto lens comfortably, the adapter seems a compromise for those people.

    I decided that as I had little knowledge of photography I would not start out by handicapping myself with using a spotting scope/camera adapter.

    That is about where I have got to at present. I am still thinking of buying a camera and long lens, probably second hand, but haven't actually done anything about it yet.
    I used to be indecisive ..... but now not so sure . Best wishes for a good result, whatever you decide to do.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Cheers lads

    My wife does have a DSLR an old one ( still brill pics ) an Olympus I think , one of first DSLR but she doesn't know how to use it almost as much as me .
    Not sure if I want to go down the whole photography route .... As an outsider it sounds like voodoo to me!
    I'm not looking for competion type / class pics just something I could show the kids or wife once home ....
    Time to have look thru YouTube me thinks


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    Paul, there are digiscope adaptors available for the iphone. I've not seen adaptors for any other type of phone but that won't affect you. On youtube SOLOHUNTERS have done a piece in the past going over an adaptor that they used, and they use it for their filming (some of their films are pretty good anyway, which should help you get through this wet day pleasurably). If my memory serves me right, Fieldsports Britain have also reviewed an adaptor.
    I have taken some pictures of teal by just putting my phone up to the lens of my Swaro spotting scope and it worked but the results were not great. A man of your talent could surely fashion something from a toilet roll tube and a meter of duct tape!

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    I'll figure summit
    But last thing I want is for my compact camera falling off the back & smashing .
    Start with the iPhone & see what I can do with the compact


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    Paul, two SOLOHUNTER vids for you to watch. Obviously these guys are using Vortex optics full time, but I'm sure that the same concept will be available for other scopes.

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