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Thread: 308 XCR rifle + AICS stock+viper skins+B&C stock+Sightron 6-24 LRMDscope. 2350

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    Remington XCR + AICS stock+Viper Skins+Jet-Z moderator. 1800.

    Selling to make way for a custom rifle, my Remington XCR .308. 26 inch trinyte coated barrel and action in an aluminium bedding block Bell and Carlson stock. Also included is the AICS stock with green thumbhole skins AND the black pistol grip Viper skins + Jet Z compact moderator.

    Rifle has done about 1900 to 2000 rounds, used with NRA 155 grain target ammunition. One in twelve twist, threaded half inch UNF. Shoots about 0.7 inch four shot group with the factory ammo. (Total size of the hole).

    This is for sale as a whole only at 1800. The AICS stock and skins are not for sale separately. If you want to buy the rifle as a Remington XCR in the B&C stock with the moderator, 1200 without AICS stock and skins.
    Grab a bargain, one rifle which you can swap the stock on to hunt with the Bell and Carlson one or use on the range with the AICS stock.

    Thanks for looking, PM me if you are interested in buying.
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    Hi would you be interested in selling the viper skins ( pistol grip) separately

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