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Thread: Flue insulation

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    Flue insulation

    I am think of insulating the flue of my wood burning stove because I sometimes get condensation in the flue. I all ways have good dry wood and run the stove at the recommended temp. The problem seems to be mostly when the stove isnt going or shut down over night. It will have to be of the back fill type. I have heard that if vermiculite gets wet or draws moisture from damp masonry it becomes a solid spongy mess and is difficult to remove if the liner needs replaced in the future. So the questions are

    Is there a better back fill insulation that does not become a problem

    Is there another way of avoiding the small amount of condensation

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    I have messaged a mate and when he gets back to me I shall let you know,he fits them.

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    Keep the fire on! Bound to be a good supply of free wood up your way

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    Ha Ha, its bad enough sitting almost naked in the house mid winter and being a slave to the stove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Keep the fire on! Bound to be a good supply of free wood up your way
    He is to tight to use that much wood

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    I am gas tight. ha ha

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    The question is why are you getting condensation in the flue, that needs to be resolved first. My liner runs through my chimney with no back fill. You need to ensure there is a form of ventilation to the stack the ones I have seen have a 50mm plastic pipe inserted at the chimney which allows air flow in the chimney outside the liner. Many different opinions to fill or not to fill. If you do install a liner you must remember to get the chimney swept before you have it installed. There are a couple of stove suppliers/installers on here who may be a better source of information and advise.


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