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Thread: 7x64 Availability

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    7x64 Availability

    I'm just about to send off for a variation to add a 7x64 and I just had a thought about ammunition availability so rang my local gun shop this afternoon and they said "no chance", I found this hard to believe so rang a couple of others who said not a problem, Well I guess they probably would say that the reality may be different when I place an order.

    So my question is anybody regularly shooting 7x64 and can they get hold of ammo easily, I was thinking 140 grain and 173 grain?

    Posting variation in morning, might have to revert to a 270 if I don't get any favourable replies ;-)

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    Any dealer who deals with RUAG should be able to order them in for you. RWS, Norma and Geco all do cartridges for 7x64. Unlikely many dealers will stock it. You just have to organised or start reloading like I do for mine. I only have one gun. Wouldn't swap for any other calibre.

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    Start with the cheap stuff: S&B, Geco, and Prvi Partizan. Then go to Remington 150-gr and 165-gr, and Hornady 154-gr and 162-gr. Norma, Sako and RWS offer multiple loads, but here ( in the USA ) they are much more money. The 156-gr Norma is pretty hot.

    You will want to get into hand loading for the 7x64, as there are a lot of great 7mm bullets which are not found in factory ammunition.

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    My local guy seems to be able to get 7 x 64 without any problem.


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    Thanks for all the replies, not planning on reloading as I don't use much ammo stalking, I emailed RUAG last night so hopefully I will get a definitive answer on availability and which dealer can supply, in the meantime do you have the name of your local guy David so I can give them a call when the time comes? Variation going in the post today sadly I won't get it back for the two Game shows which are on my door step next month.

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    Between Norma, RWS and Geco you should be able to find something easily order-able and your rifle likes

    I've certainly not had any issues as a 7x64 user


    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    I run the rimmed version - 7x65R. I know several places that do have this and the trick is to buy 3 or 4 boxes at a time if you don't reload. 80 Rounds is a lot of beasts. In terms of reloading 7mm - the 139 / 140 gn bullets seem to be reasonably available, 173 etc more difficult to find. Mind you in the UK a 140 grain bullet should be more than adequate.

    You are in Warwickshire - try Francis Lovell in Witney, also Westley Richards in Birmingham. In London William Evans certainly have 7x64. Alan Rhone across in Shropshire should also have it. You need to go to the rifle specialists rather than the local gunshop that does a few shotguns and shotgun cartridges - they might have a box or two of 243 and 22 rimfire.

    On the continent 7x64 is readily available.

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    Thanks for the replies I had a favourable response from Ruag they have stock of all the Norma ones I am interested in just need to pre-order them through a dealer, might have to go further afield than my local shop as they've not been particularly helpful on this one

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