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Thread: brand new locked keys

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    brand new locked keys

    So I inherited a 2 gun cabinet a neighbour purchased some years back and never used
    Keys are still taped to door in original bag
    whole thing arrived in dusty original box

    thing is...wrong keys
    not even close

    now I am loathed to scrap it and figured if I can open it I can weld new locks in for next to no cost
    and without wanting to start a tutorial on breaking into cabinets....

    what are my options to open it without destroying the integrity?

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    Can't you just get a locksmith out to have a look at it for you, then he could possibly cut you some new keys?

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    First plan this I would think.


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    Thanks, i had considered that
    but have you seen what locksmiths charge for call outs?
    I could buy a brand new 5 gun cabinet for the same!

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    Surely you can take it to a locksmith?

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    Ed. Try contacting the original supplier - they may have some records of what was sold? Regards JCS

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    How big is it? Could you take it to a locksmith?

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    Once open the locks probably are bolted on, so no welding required.

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    in all seriousness, turn it upside down, bang it, and try the keys. It might have been an australian import.
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    Aye Eddie P, but recently I was chastised by the extremely by the book constable, that bolted on was not "integral" to the cabinet and my exceptionally strong and long hasp was unacceptable and required to be welded. I will not hijack this thread but be aware of Home Office Guidelines - or, perhaps, their interpretation by those in power.

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