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Thread: Pick up Canopies, dogs and summer heat

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    Pick up Canopies, dogs and summer heat

    Does anyone else bother insulating/lining there pick up canopies to try and keep dogs cool during the summer.
    Does anyone else think those canopies heat up on hot days?

    I have just got a newer pick up and a new canopy and in the process of lining it (not going well, not a straight line anywhere. Looking for an excuse not to bother)
    I insulated and lined the last one and it was always cool even on the hottest days, would that be because of the insulation (25mm kingspan+ ply) or do they normally stay fairly cool anyway. (The new canopy is black so may hold more heat)
    I tend to be fairly cautious about my dogs esp in the summer if i'm leaving them in the pick up for any length off time. Althou they always have water and this new canopy has a window at the front next to pick up that will be left open.

    What does everyone else do

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    I've got an Ifor Williams top on mine with mesh front and back. Always a good flow of air, the ally never seems hot to touch and dog always seems happy...but still would never leave in there without supervision. But on the whole much better for them when travelling.

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    We have a dog box (the collapsible wire mesh type) lined in cordex. Thats the stuff you see on building sites and temporary hordings. Like a white plastic corrugated board. It just keeps the sun off the dog while he is in there. I carry a dust sheet and a five gallon can of water in my vehicle. If I have to leave my dog in the car on a hot day for any time at all, I drape the dust sheet over the roof and sides. Soaking the cloth in water keeps the vehicle much cooler inside. The sun evaporates the water, and as the water evaporates it draws heat from the roof and sides of the vehicle. try it yourself one day, it makes a huge difference. Best of course is not to leave your dog in the car at all. But there are times you have little choice.
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    When i was getting a canopy for my pickup this was something i put a bit of thought into.

    I reckon that the fibreglass ones with the windows get hot just like a car because of the glass in the sides.

    For that reason i went with an aluminium type one (also a lot cheaper) with a grill both ends and i have put a ply box in there.

    The dog lives in there all year round in the day and when i go places he sleeps in there at night as well with no problems of heat.

    If ti doesnt have windows then id have thought it would be about half way between the two options (like a van) but any insulation is better than nothing

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    No bunfight intended here, but is it not against the law to leave anything living in a vehicle unattended,? child,dog, cat etc?
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    Well blow me down, they make some weird laws up dont they. I had no idea about that one (and if anyone askes i still dont)

    Sure i heard a joke about a cat being left in a landrover to test the seal on the doors but cant remember the whole thing.

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    Alright fb

    if my memory serves my rite they tried to bring that in as a law (either last year or year before) but was shot down as totally unpractical by basc, ngo nfu etc. I think it was part of an animal welfare bill, infact i think it is part of the same bill causing basc all the problems at the moment on the game bird welfare/rearing. I think defra want a code of best practice that is sort off legally enforceable for every animal kept either commercially or a pet.

    As for the pick up, i need to ply the back 1/2 anyway to fit a door and shelfs, so i will persevere with it and get it insulated too.

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    Makes you wonder why the fact this thing was shouted down isn't as well known as it might be?
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    A bit off topic, but when 243varmint and I recently met up with Chris Rob he had a couple of these:

    It means you can have the door/tailgate open but still securely locked, allowing a lot more airflow through the car.

    Like all ideas, this one is simple and effective. 243varmint kindly fabricated something similar for me which I've already used to great effect.

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    I have put a couple of 12v fans on the back of my dog box which work very well

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