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Thread: Aya n2

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    Aya n2

    NOW SOLD . !!

    AYA N2 -12g with 28"

    Looking for 2000 for it or open to sensible offers.

    In absolutely mint condition previous owner to me got it off the original owner and he used it for laser clays for his son to learn on.

    It's boxed in original case.

    There was one that sold on here for 2650 was newer but worse condition.


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    Secondhand AYA's sadly scarcely sell for anything close to their original value. Have a look on guntrader, prices will probably start at around 800 and go up to around 2k the ones above that may well be on there for years!
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    Ok mate , not worth selling then really for less than 1500

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    It may well be worth 1500 or more, it does look in original condition, just saying that they do depreciate badly unfortunately. how old is it (AYA website will tell you serial number dates) a lot of them are much older than you'd think! If it's relatively young then it will be worth more I'd say.
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    I emailed them a few months ago and I seem to remember 1968 for some reason but will double check

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    I had a 20 bore version that we bought for 1200, great gun when I was 14-18, then it began to feel small. Took it to a gunshop and they wouldn't make a offer on it but I did manage to swap it for a 12 bore version of the same gun on the same day. They were trying to sell the 12 bore one for over 2,000.

    They are great guns and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to sell it for 1500+.

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    Thank you mate , I got it back in December but going to use the funds for something else as don't use it to be honest. Might come out for the odd pheasant day.
    I paid abit more than 2 k for it but thought was worth it as its clean as .


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    Yeah with the original box you shouldn't struggle. There is a bloke who works at Roxtons in Hungerford, think his name is Harry, very efficient at shifting shotguns, he takes 10% but worth it. Took a Caesar Geurini 12 bore in and he got me the price I wanted which was more than what I paid for it in about 3 weeks of leaving it with him.

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    These are really nice well made guns, but are suffering like British made guns did 20 to 30 odd years ago - then you could have picked up a nice pre-war Sidelock 16 or 12 bore for not a lot of money. Now an English made sidelock in good condition starts at 5,000.

    But the supply of good English guns is dwindling. Guns from the 1920's and 30's are getting towards 100 years old and there are very few that have seen little use and are in good condition. I would sit on that No2 for a few years. The American market has taken up most of the good English guns and are now going for AyAs etc. And I do sense that many game shots are going back to side by sides and will be looking for good useable guns, especially when the next upswing happens in the economy with bonuses etc being paid. Or sit on it and pass it on to a favourite offspring, nephew / niece or god child.

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    Yeah but surely not going to go up that much or are they ?

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