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Thread: Which Binos

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    Which Binos

    New to stalking and want to invest in a good set of binoculars. I say invest as I want them to last. Don't know a lot about the technical side but have read up a bit and thought about 8 X 42 as they would probably be better for general use, pigeons, wildfowling etc but let me know if I'm wrong. Other option is 10 X 42. Looked at Leica ultravid, Zeus victory HT and vortex viper which are considerably cheaper. I will gladly pay the asking price for the right piece of kit hence viewing it as an investment. Are Leica, Zeiss and Swarovski that much better and do they justify the price? They also need to be robust, waterproof and fog proof. Any adivce appreciated.

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    I have Vortex Vipers and can't fault them. They may be very very very marginally poorer at very last light (only last few minutes) than Swarovsko's but are 3 times cheaper.

    Also consider Minox 8x 44 HD.

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    As Game Fair season is upon us, I'd get onto the various websites and see which will have the most optics manufacturers there. There's no better way of telling what works for you than to pick them up yourself.

    I worked for MINOX at a couple of the CLA game fairs, and there were always show offers* that saved a few quid

    *Other show offers are available
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    IF beat me to it!

    If the budget is there, then Swaro, Zeiss, Leica are known quantities. But each have different optical characteristics and feel in use. A bit like shoes - people can rate a make for quality, but cant say whether they feel good on your foot. You'd be surprised at the difference between brands to varying eyes.

    We sell Vortex and rate them highly - I believe that the Viper HDs represent some of the best value going. At Kelso we had Vipers and Minox HGs for side by side comparison - roughly 2.5 times price difference. Diplomatically - we came away with the same number of Minox that we went with. BUT it is a personal choice.

    As per IF - nothing beats looking through stuff - preferably side by side - the Gamefairs will be a great opportunity to do that.

    We're at Scone in July and from the rough plan, it looks like you'll have Zeiss/ Swarovski/ Binocular Caravan Man - great guy and ashamed I never do remember his name and then us more or less lined up down lower end of Gunmakers Row - so a leisurely peruse is available. It'll be the same at many of the fairs.

    But keep in mind quality is quality but performance really is in the literal eye of the beholder.

    I've talked of neck bling before - a great pair of bino's will be a joy to use for years and you'll get maximum value out of what suits you best - regardless of actual purchase price.

    Let us know how you get on.
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    Firstly I would look at your scope mag. Most of mine are fixed at X8 the two variable scopes I use are usually set at X8. So going from a X8 bino to a X8 scope gives you the same picture. Next is to consider if you will need to take dusk or dawn shots if so then the big names are the ones to stay with.
    My first pair were bushnell and they were OK but the build quality was crap and they fell apart. Then Sightron which again were very good value for money optically but they gradually fell apart. I had Zeiss which were excellent and now Leica rangefinders that "Bewsher 500 " sourced. These are really well built, brilliant optics and good for Dusk & Dawn.
    Hope this helps.

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    Gamefairs excellent place to test, but that only tests the optics. The other thing to consider how well they are built. Stalking binoculars will inevitably have a hard life as they will be used and they will get knocked etc. Some of the budget ranges - especially the budget ranges of the better known brands might not be particularly functional after bouncing on the dashboard of the pickup truck, or getting knocked as you climb over a gate.

    If funds are tight go for the 8x32 versions of the better brands rather than 8x42's of the cheaper brand - will be better built and optically on a par and only slightly behind their bigger brothers at very last light.

    Leupolds and Bushnells well worth a look. I can a look with some bushnells the other day and for the money -c£150 they were excellent.

    Unless all your stalking is open hill, I would go for 7 or 8 power. 10 power gets hard work to hold steady for extended scanning.

    I have a pair of Zeiss 7x42BGATs that I bought when I got married at the end of the last century. They are still as good as when I bought them.

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    I've got a pair of Vortex Viper 8 x 42 HD. I've tried some Swaros and they are better but I am only really just getting into stalking and couldn't justify the expense. The warranty on Vortex is great too.

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    Hi blazerf3... you are certainly on the right track 7-10 mag will be fine for all stalking situations and going for one of the top 3 is the way to go swaros, Zeiss or Leica, expensive maybe but build quality , lense quality and coatings are second to none which will give you excellent light transmission during dawn and dusk. As mentioned try the various makes preferably in low light conditions choose right buy once and these binoculars will last you a life time good luck... Neil

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    If its an investment then go for the top three as they will hold value and you will cherish them and respect them as they should be. This you will never do with cheaper brands even if they are almost as good!!
    8x42 is in my mind optimal and I know you will never regret buying any of the top makes. One other to add is Meopta to the top list.

    Had my 8x42 Leica now for 17 years and they are as good as the day I got them and that is very Good and I will never part with them.
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    I am in the same boat as blazer so useful thread thanks all

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