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Thread: From field to fridge!

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    From field to fridge!

    Well after being away at work for nearly 7 weeks I decided a days stalking was in order.

    So off I set for only the second time to the bonny borders of Scotland, I have just managed to get on a syndicate up there and this was only my second time out so still getting the lay of the land, but with a bit of info from a past member we are getting there!

    after all the great weather we've had I was gutted to see it was raining when I left and rained all the way up there all morning I was there and half the way back but even though I needed two changes for so called waterproofed trousers and a jacket I had a great morning.

    i managed to secure myself my first buck!

    I headed to the far end of the syndicate and parked the car got all my gear sorted and set off. I headed down the Forrest line to a burn in the bottom of the valley which I have been led to believe holds a few deer and The info I had been give was soon to prove true. About 15 mins in and I bumped the buck in question.
    He darted over a crest and down the other side, me not knowing the land to well just trotted along behind him thinking he would have done one over the fence and away, but when I got to the top of the crest of the hill I could see him slowly limping along and then stopping to eat.
    I range found him and he was around 160 yards so I set the sticks up and bang, he dropped on the spot just about. When I got to him he had a large laceration on his front left leg, which looked like he had ripped it open trying to jump a barbed wire fence and caught it up but we will never know that answer, all I do know is that it isn't bothering him now.
    I checked for shot placement and it was where I wanted it right in the engine room so was happy with that, when I gralloched the fella the shot had been a perfect heart shot, quick and humane kill.

    He isn't a big one but all the same he is now hanging in my fridge waiting to fill our freezer in a week or so!
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    Great job and congratulations on your buck!

    Good one to take as well. I've shot a few deer with injuries such as you describe and it's always a good feeling to know you've quite probably prevented a deal of suffering further down the line.
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    Nicely done!

    Let's hope that it's the first of many for you.

    He that strikes the venison first shall be the lord o' the feast. Shakespeare, King Lear.

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    Nicely done is right! This will also be my first year stalking but I have to wait to September for our season over here (Ireland). Keep up the good work

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    Well done mate -brings back memories.

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    Cheers guys. And a big thanks unicorn for the time and info you passed over to me��������

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