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Thread: Afternoon from Inverness (ish)

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    Afternoon from Inverness (ish)


    i a a recent returnee to the highlands having lived down south for 15 yrs. been back up here 3 yrs now and have been stalking 2 yrs.
    i have 10acres of my own and have a 6.5x55 swe and .17hmr on my ticket.
    The 6.5 is a howa 1500 with thumbhole laminate and t8 mod the .17 is a cz452 with an ase mod.

    Loving my my stalking which I mainly go with my neighbour around Inverness for roe, red and japs.

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    Welcome. I also enjoy stalking Sika around Inverness.


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    welcome from another local!

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    Cheers lads, it really is gods country when i comes to stalking.

    I have held a shotgun license since 17 (bought my first gun a 12bore baikal from Gregor at Macleods) and have been back there for all my gear ever since!

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome from another who's near snekkie,,,,
    ... One kill....

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    Welcome to the site Dubnit,you wont be lonely here.john

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    Welcome to the site, I have spent way too much money with that wee man over the years, but he did buy it all back when I had to give up bless him

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome from Inverness

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