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Thread: Importing a dog?

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    Importing a dog?

    Does anyone on here have any experience of importing dogs from Germany? I know nothing about what it entails so any advice is appreciated. There is a chance I am going to be working in and around that area shortly so I may look into it further.
    Is there a list of breeders or do people just make personal contacts? It would be a GSP or GWP I would be looking for if I was to go ahead.

    Please feel free to reply by PM if you prefer.


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    ive looked into it. its done fairlt easily into the uk or ireland. you can even get a lady from germany to bring the drahthaars over to your airport etc.. you pay for the service. get onto the breeders site and find if there are litters due. you pay for all paper work and shots given to the dog. nothing is left un done.

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    I have two German dogs. It is very easy, good breeders will provide everything so they are ready to travel- vaccines, passport, chipped. I found the best breeders are found through local hunting (jagd) groups that use the dogs, so best done in country.

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    Go to the Respected society for each breed as they have the interest of that breed to heart and not simply for money, you will get the best of health and working ability. You would have to abide by certain restrictions and get the dog to a standard to do tests but very worthwhile and you will have so much help along the way. Getting a dog into the country is simple the pups must have rabies jabs at 12 weeks then after this they wait 21 days before they can enter the UK with the dog being chipped hope this helps, Wayne
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    Is there somewhere I can find a list of of good breeders or does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Just do ur homework on lines?
    Have u seen any german bred dogs over here?
    The GWP/DD from germany did have a reputation in the past for being very sharp and tougher mentality and probably won't have been used on birds so may have a harder mouth as not as important over there.

    All depends wot u want it for.
    In my opinion being german bred does not always mean better but it just depends wot u want to do with it.
    If ur more birdy orientated some an import from Danish lines may suit better? More birdy orientated but can still track

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    as countryboy has said different lines are bred in the drahthaars. ive seen some stud dogs up close brought in from germany that were boar / deer dogs and i was amazed how much bigger and some what sharper (not wicked) to some irish blood line gwp bird dogs. look into the lines you need to suit your needs. love drahthaars, serious dogs.

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