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Thread: Mid length resizing brass

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    Mid length resizing brass

    The shop owner explained me to put a very thin metal ring ( 1/10mm tot 2/10mm) with the resizing die. This to only partly resize the case ( 243 win) . As I am a rookie in the reloading world I started looking on youtube for some info to do it. Can't find anything. Can anybody advise me on pro and cons or direct me in a direction where I can find some info.

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    Read that wrong!

    Yes, you can fit a shim between the die locking ring and the press to reduce headspace, it's a lot easier to just unscrew the die 1/16 of a turn.

    Ideally you need a way of accurately measuring how much headspace you have before trying it, excessive headspace can be dangerous but usually a full length sizing die will do a decent job without tinkering.

    How to set a body die to just bump the sholder?
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    This info may help...looks complicated but it's not really.
    In an ideal world, you could do with a headspace guage...Hornady make one also a number of others.
    The Hornady one is shown in the above link.

    Phaedra is right on though with his suggestion.
    By trial & error you can find the correct setting for your F/L resizing die and lock it in place.
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    RCBS once included instructions for "Partial Full length Resizing". They said to allow the thickness of a US 5-cent piece (5/64th inch) between the die and the shell holder. In truth, there is no value in doing this. Avoid the hassle and FL resize. Cases will last just as long and be trouble free.~Muir

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    I'd add the advice to only neck size afterwards. Mechanics will take care of the rest, without fancy gauges.
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