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Thread: Morning out in NZ

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    Morning out in NZ

    My next door neighbour works in the bush, keeping tracks open trapping rodents/possums etc and he is a keen hunter(stalker to you uk lot).
    I been out with him a few times in the local bush and he has a very different mind set to me
    His idea is to tramp on as quick as possible to get to the area he wants to be in and few times I been out with him we have bumped deer on the way to his area.Not like me, have a wander, stop and have a roll up, look about, watch and wait.
    Well on sat he had to go and check his trap line in a pine forest so i went along for a mooch too.(ok, he did say the forest was quite flat and easier than everywhere ese he`d taken me )
    It was an eye opener to see the possum traps,how he set put his line, where he put the traps and how many possums he caught, (20 out of 65 traps, very good for a very very wet night) and how he dispatched them, Strange, I always thought a 20 oz claw hammer was for putting in and taking out nails
    Anyway,after we done 1 trap line, I went for a wander with my rifle, sat on a tree stump,watching and just enjoying myself;
    all of a sudden to red hinds popped out of the wood where other John was checking his traps, they were looking back into the wood all the time, they stood with a bush between them and other John, I watched them, studied them, looked at the terrain, and after considering dragging 1 possibly(ok hopefully) 2 biggish Red hinds through scrub and down and back up a deep gully, I thought I`d leave them for now and carried on with my roll up.
    See, we don`t have to shoot everything we see do we? especially if we gotta carry i't.
    I must admit, after I`d been shooting boar in the UK for a while and dragging big pigs up hills and down dales and through hedges etc, I used to wait `til they wandered out to where I could get the Range Rover to them

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    Nice to see how things are done on the other side of the world. Does not matter where you are a drag is a drag.

    Happy hunting John


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    I expect everybody will say well done for leaving them BUT you know me John I'm gonna call you a lazy Ba****d

    Remember that boar we dragged most of the valley, I think you nearly broke into a sweat that night, dont think it was that huge but I had added a large lump of .375" lead

    Glad to see your getting out over there mate, keep away form them big hills though

    Atb Wayne

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    Remember that boar we dragged most of the valley, I think you nearly broke into a sweat that night, dont think it was that huge but I had added a large lump of .375" lead

    Actually Wayne matey, that was one of the boar I was thinking of when I wrote that post, the ground was wet as hell,no chance of getting RR close, so we were tough, we could do it, no problem,The first bit was downhill,'off we went, great guns, me dragging, you muttering encouragement (I think)then,the flattish ground, not so bad first 50 m, then the uphill about 100m, felt like 100k`s,,, I know we had to keep stopping, so you could wipe your glasses as they were tending to steam up, and whilst you were doing that we had to have a smoke, then we had 5 mins coughing then it was back to the dragging
    I think that was one of the nights we both said...."f*** this, never again, we`ll have to shoot them closer to the vehicle, and make sure we shoot smaller ones"I never did learn
    Those were definetley the days
    Least when you shot your biggun, The RR had some abuse and I got right next to it, if I hadn`t I think weed still be there now

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    It did start to take the fun out of it that night

    If you remember with the "biggun" you said it was a bit wet to drive and after but after attaching the best part of 35 stone ( me being a small % of that) to our end of the rope we made about three yards before you said F**k it I'll get the Rangerover

    Same with the last big bugger Andy and I shot you go to start dragging take your first heave and it dont move makes you want to stick to Munty stalking

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