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Thread: minox hg binoculars

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    minox hg binoculars

    hi folks, anyone on here using the minox hg range in bins. i have standard minox bins and they are good to a point, but with all good glass the true test is at first and last light where i felt the standard minox bins doesnt come up to scratch.
    the hg range are double the price. Are they good at first / last light ?. anyone do a comparison with other bins against the hg bins.
    I dont want to fork out the money for the apo minox range.

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    I've a pair of 8.5x43hg that I bought last year - I've been v impressed with them, but perhaps with more relevance to your question, so have some friends that have swaro and Leica bins.
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    I don't see the point in buying Swarovski or Leica unless I decide I wanted the rf function. The Minox hg are really good.

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    I can't compare the Minox HGs to others in the Minox range but I own a pair of HGs and have compared them directly, side by side, lying on the hill as the light faded with a very expensive pair from one of the top notch manufactures.

    Both myself, and the owner of the "big money" binos, were in agreement that we could see the antlers on the stag out in front with my Minox binos after we could see them with his.

    This isn't exactly science but unless you are going to Zeiss (who tend to be a little ahead of the pack on glass) you are certainly not going to be giving much away with the Minox and, in fact, might be a little ahead in low light performance. The other point is that I, mostly, stalk sika in dark commercial forestry and I've never felt that the Minox HGs were letting me down. I'd guess mine are at least 10 years old now so my views are based on fairly extensive use. One other thing worth bearing in mind is that although Minox historically lead the charge in terms of "punching above their weight" optically there are now several other manufacturers competing in that same market segment. I've no direct experience of them and certainly you'll not go wrong with Minox but if there is an opportunity to try some of the others in fading light then it might be worthwhile.
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    Can't compare them to anything else but wouldn't be without my Minox HG 8.5 x 56BR, absolutely superb. Had considered "upgrading" to a pair of Swarovski but thought better of it! Decided instead that a change of scope would be more beneficial.

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    I have the 8.5x43HG's also. Not just great for the money, they are really good by any standard.

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    I've got a set of minox hg 8.5x43's and they are awesome. the glass is crystal clear, bright and the colours are really vivid. my main binoculars are swaro 8x42 rf's and to be honest at first and last light I would say the swaro's have a slight edge but only just. I probably wouldn't have even bothered upgrading if it wasn't for the rf function on the swaros. So to some it up they are not quite on par with the swaro or zeiss etc but there are not a kick in the arse off it, in my opinion they are the best of all the rest.

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    I have a pair of Minox BV 8x25 that live permanently in the bag that I take out with the dogs. Ironically, this is normally the time when I see deer.

    They were 135 and I am bowled over by the clarity of the glass at this price.

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