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Thread: Lancashire/Cumbria sea fishing

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    Lancashire/Cumbria sea fishing

    Hi I'm wondering if any fellow Lancashire or Cumbria stalkers fancy joining together to have a charter sea fishing adventure off fleetwood or any decent place. Thinking this summer and needs to be on a weekend.

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    I am interested, depending on when. It would be a good chance to learn from others, and meet some stalkers.

    Not a proper fisherman, tried a couple of times from the beach at Altmouth and just lost tackle. Been on two trips from Liverpool, and one from Seahouses.

    I have tried to get out a few more times, but trips cancelled because of bad weather/high winds.


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    I'd be up for it. Must be cheap and tackle included though.

    I've been with the GF's dad before and we paid around 50 ish. As the guy above, I'm not a proper fisherman, but enjoy a few hours here and there.

    Me going would depend on shifts etc.

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    Cheers for the responses. I'm no expert and would wanting to hire my stuff. Let's see if we get some more takers.

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    Might have 2-3 more for you. Would need rods etc included. Keep me in the loop. Ta

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    Will do dave. I've looked at charters around fleetwood and they provide everything. Probably need 12plus

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    Sounds good, I get 2 weekends off in 4 so if I'm off I'd be up for it.

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    Depending on dates, I'll have a bit of that,


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    Cheers for the interest. We could do with a few more. Anyone else??

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    If its like the charters from Arbroath, you dont have to charter the whole boat, call them and let them know numbers going and they make up the extra places with other bookings or people turning up on the day
    good luck with this and have a great day

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