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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 8x56 for variable scope

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    Schmidt and Bender 8x56 for variable scope

    Testing the water, I have a very reliable 8x56 SnB 1" tube with No1 post reticle.

    gathers lots of light, fitted on top of my 243 it achieves 1/2 MOA groups all day long, With factory ammo.

    looking for a variable scope to swap, pictures to follow.

    26mm TUBE NOT 1".
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    What sort of variable scope are you thinking of?

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    Attachment 71297Attachment 71298Attachment 71300Attachment 71301Attachment 71302
    This is a west Germany scope which are renowned for their quality.
    having measured the tube I can confirm it is a 26mm tube and not 1".

    happy to consider any variable scope what have you got on offer!.
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    I will start the bidding with an MTC Viper 6-24x56!

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    i would much prefer a small sized scope.

    thanks very much for your offer.


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    Hi, I have a Nikon pro staff 3-9x42 that's 6 months old and in good condition, it came with a rifle I brought but I use nv on said rifle. Any good?

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    What reticle is it fitted with

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    A standard duplex type reticule

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    Thanks Minikeeper I will pass on the Nikon. Thank you for your time.

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