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Thread: Sako 75 .22-250

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    Sako 75 .22-250

    Due to lack of use I am selling my Sako 75 .22-250 varmint. I have a .308 I use for most of my shooting and this is not getting used so is up for sale. Not sure of the round count but it shoot well. 5 shots make a .45inch hole so shooting .25MOA (.45-.22 = .23) with home loads. Will supply data for new owner to work loads up to. Also shoots PPU about 1 Moa. Home load groups shot yesterday, 5 shot groups
    Has a lovely hand oiled wooden stock.
    Varmint heavy barrel 24", barrels has rub mark from moderator
    I have sold the scope but it will come with the 30mm optilock mounts. Not sure of the hieght but they hold a 56mm lens with clearance from the barrel.
    Will come with bipod, not a Harris but similar.
    I am located in North Wales.
    If you are able to collect we can negotiate a price to supply .22-250 brass and dies/ reload supplies some ammo WITH you.

    Looking for 675+ RFD for the rifle which is a bit of bargain as the actions sell for around 350-400, and the wood would sell for 200, mounts are another 100.

    PLease ask any questions.

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    Also forgot to mention it comes with a custom made aluminium bore guide by shooting shed.

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    Knew I forgot to mention something, for those asking it is thread cut 5/8x24 (bit of an off thread in the uk but the common American thread on .308 rifles.

    Feel free red to make offers- I don't bite

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    Will sell the rifle and bore guide minus scope rings and bipod for 550. Can include Dewey cleaning rod and brass and reloading dies via negotiation

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    Have 40 once fired sako brass and 57 twice fired ppu brass that can go with rifle along with bore guide. Also see .22-250 dies I have for sale along with some heads. Can do a deal to include it all if interested
    600 with optilock bases and rings and bipod
    550 for rifle with out rings and bipod

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