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    Hi Folks, I just found this old scope whilst clearing out a mountain of redundant shooting related stuff in my office, it was fitted on a rifle I purchased years ago and I quickly swapped it for another scope. I think it needs 26mm mounts but it was clamped onto the rifle I bought with 1inch mounts so the tube is very slightly dented at the front end. I have no confidence in it's use as a scope the way it is with this denting but I really don't know if it is useable or not! I don't really want to buy 26mm mounts just to find out and I don't have much spare time to mess about with it all.
    It is a real shame as the glass at both ends is in absolutely fantastic condition in my opinion and it seems very good in low light conditions.
    It is in 1st focal plane with crosshairs getting bigger/smaller with magnification. 4A Reticle.
    From what I gather, Lisenfeld no longer exists as a company, so the question it time to throw away this scope? or is there anywhere it can be sent to be re-tubed or something? or is it only useful as spares for someone with the same scope? I imagine it would be a decent bit of kit if it could be restored. Cheers

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    You are quite correct buckaroo the company no longer exists. They were reasonable quality scopes I don't think it would be possible to re-tube it but if you do decide to simply throw it away throw it in my direction as I will take a chance on it and pay the postage. It could make a reasonable scope for a club rifle.
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    I would stick it on a rifle and use it..... if it worked on a rifle before it'll work again!! Not bad scopes and certainly not for the bin!!!!!!

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    Don't bin it good scopes and work well I've a few always enjoyed using them over the years.

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    I would certainly risk it as a "freebie" pay postage and a donation to our local children's hospice if you can't sell it.


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