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Thread: Redfield Scopes

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    Redfield Scopes

    Has anyone tried a redfield scope?

    i believe they are made by leopold, and carry a lifetime warrenty so must be pretty good.

    anyone use one?

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    Read this, in particular the last paragraph!
    The warranty is worthless!
    The reason you won't have heard of them is probably the same reason they no longer exist!
    Don't scrimp and save on your Glass!

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    Hi MS
    Thanks for that, thats the old "redfield", redfield is now back being made by leopold, they are just now being supplied in the uk and GMK are importing them. Check this link this is there new website.


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    I'm with Monkey Spanker on this; you know you're getting proven quality with a Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski or Zeiss. Second hand scopes by these maker's are regularly for sale in the classifieds section on SD, and you could also have a look at Macleod's website.

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    Andy. I have a Redfiield on my .22. It's fine for that, but I wouldn't put one on a centre fire rifle. Moonraker is right. I have bought a number of S&B/Swaro scopes and they hold their value well and Macleods have no issues with you part exchanging them for another Swarovski. Rgds JCS
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    so would a leoplod scope be better?

    was looking at Leupold VX-1 3-9x50

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple View Post
    so would a leoplod scope be better?

    was looking at Leupold VX-1 3-9x50
    In short YES.



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    Redfield scopes have had varrying quality over the years. I purchased a 4-16x40 a few years back with the intention of using it on the range and for sporting use. The light transmission was so poor I could only use it on the brightest of days outside, absolutely hopeless when the light was even slightly dim, O.K. for a .22 on a brightly lit range I suppose?

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    These arent the old redfield, leopold bought redfield last year i think and are using it as there budget range

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    There's a leupold advertised in the classifieds section today. I would not risk putting a budget scope on a deer calibre rifle; buy cheap, buy twice is a useful maxim to remember.

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