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Thread: .30 cal 110 grain bullets

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    .30 cal 110 grain bullets

    Evening all.

    I've been shooting 110 grain hornady V Max's with IMR 4895 and Varget powder in my .308 with good success. However as I am really enjoying shooting these lighter bullets I would like to play around more, has anybody used any other 110 grain varmint bullets with a .308? If so what have you used and what have worked best? Nosler, Berger?


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    Mate. Ive tried these and the 125gn speer tnts.
    The vmaxs have cut a fox in half. Whoa.
    The speers are very accurate too but nowhere near as explosive as the vmaxs.

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    I shoot them in 300 AAC. Nosler 110 Varmegeddon are very accurate but Im only pushing them to 2400 fps. Sierra 110 HP is also very good in my AAC.~Muir

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    Rereading this thread, I'm wondering why you don't try to slow these varmint bullets down? In an article by the NRA here in the US, it was observed that in the 300 Whisper (aka Blackout) the light varmint bullets began acting like controlled expansion big game bullets when shot at modest velocities -usually under 2300 fps. I have friends who have shot rather large deer with a 300 AAC/Whisper using 110 grain Barnes and V-Max bullets and they had reported wound channels like a typical cup and core big game bullet. All that said, the most accurate of these short thirties foe my Blackout has been the Nosler Hunting Ballistic Tip 125. Can't be beat at good game killing velocities.~Muir

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    +1 for Sierra 110 HPs.

    Nice to see someone doing well with the 110 V-Max's, I went through probably 3 boxes trying to get a decent combination before I sacked it due to frustration. I put the issue down to short projectile and RIDICULOUSLY long throat on my Remmy 700. (with one calibre in the cart case for good neck tension, it was abour .32" jump to the lands.... not 32 thou, 320 thou!!! It was costing me a fortune giving each one bus fare to reach the bloody barrel!). I never got better than 2 MOA but the odd time I did use them in anger at short ranges (sub 150 yds) they were truly devastating. When I rebarrel my .308 I may retry the whole procedure.....


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