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Thread: T3 lite 243 1000 yards?

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    T3 lite 243 1000 yards?

    Hi all,

    I shoot a t3 lite 243 with 20 inch barrel, I love stalking and that will always be my main passion, but recently I've pushed the limits a bit and had some good results at 300,330,430 yards on steel and more recently 600 yards on paper at bisley - using the mil dots on my stalking scope. This made me think think that I would love to give the 1000 yarder a crack, but is the 243 up to it? It would mean putting on a more rangey scope and rail I realise but if it's not gona happen then I don't fancy wasting the money.

    i don't reload, but open to the idea. I shoot federal 100grn for everything, but also open to other ammo suggestions.

    i have had 308 on the ticket for a while, and perhaps that's the ultimate answer, but I like the 243, and guns are expensive!

    Look forward to your thoughts and help,



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    Great idea mate, 243 much under estimated imho. My son shot a crow the other day with his at 810 yrds witnessed. 85 grn, Sierra game kings. He has a Swarovski dial thingy bob scopey job . Bit beyond me, still stuck with 6x42.

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    Yes .243 can be used out to 1000 on paper I have done it with ok results reloading is a must and you will need a .20moa rail and a scope that is able to dial elevation and repeatable
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    Cheers guys, that's positive news - one concern was a short ish barrel. As for bullets, 85grn seem a good place to start? Cheers, Eric

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    It's the wind with light bullets the heavier the better try the 105amax or burger vlds but if your barrel won't stablise then try a 95 grain

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    243 will sure do 1000 but its the lite that will make it no good in a comp when you might take 20 shots quiet fast.ok for playing though

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    .243 will piss all over a .308. I have shot mine out to 1400m and have killed crows past 1000 yards. As said the 105gr amax/vld are best, but your gun will fail to stableise them. 87gr vmax are your best bet

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