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Thread: PSE Composite Stock Tikka T3

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    PSE Composite Stock Tikka T3

    I have for sale my faithful PSE stock which was on my Tikka T3 Lite for many years until I upgraded to a stock that I could use for the range ie one that has a flat rear stock in order to 'ride' a sand bag. This stock without doubt is the lightest stock I have ever held but does not let the rifle kick hard ...I had it on both 30-06 and .308.

    The stock is fully glass bedded for a T3 Lite with pillars and a hardened steel recoil lug. I have taken the photos in order to show exactly what the stock is like ie. you can see where I had masking take which has taken a minute surface of paint off, easily fixed , just mask off the bedding area and two coats of semi black car paint , always handy for dings too. I have to admit it looks worse in the photo but I would rather that be the case.

    You will notice the barrel channel has been widened as my barrel was a custom job so wider than the norm. and material was taken out then strengthened with fibre glass....Edi does actually make channels to order on new guns but I did not know at the time . Even so it does not affect the stock which is as rigid as a steel bar! ...I have used this stock with my barrel and it shot bullet on bullet.

    The channel can easily be filled and opened up again by anyone with a wee bit of skill in filling and re -profiling, its no a difficult job , I have done several refiles myself over the years.

    Stock for sale at 150 plus postage which should be very little as stock so light .... Sorry I will not accept offers as a very good price. If it has not sold in a few weeks then it will be going to a good friend of mine for a possible future project

    Cheers for looking

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    I will take this. PM sent
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    I will take this. PM sent
    Sold to you Dave Pending funds

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    Too slow. 2nd dibs please although its obviously not coming my way :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordang View Post

    Too slow. 2nd dibs please although its obviously not coming my way :-(
    Sorry but now sold....

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