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Thread: I'm Back

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    I'm Back

    I'm back, sods law I sorted it five minutes after I had contacted Malc.

    It was a funny do though, it started on Sunday tried to log on and could not, got the message we cannot reach this page. I tried it on my Desktop, laptop, phone and iPad but nothing. This was strange as I could get any other site I wanted to, so then began the usual business of trying to get back on. Switching off and restarting the computer, no difference, switching off the modem, no difference, restored to an earlier time, no difference. Then started the usual housekeeping tasks, clearing caches etc. good tidy up but no difference. Run out of time, had a life to lead so put to one side until Monday. Monday morning arrived tried in vain to log on, no luck. Then it was on to TALKTALK to set them loose on the problem, after a lengthy battle with a call centre deep in old Empire somewhere I made myself understood, I needed a drink then, and they are investigating.

    Now I have a windows 10 machine, which I like a lot I should add, and had pinned a tile to the start screen for the site, this has been there months and always worked flawlessly. On a whim I deleted the tile and typed in the search details and here I am, my best guess is that somehow, somewhere along the line the tile had become corrupted and sat out it's dummy.

    Anyway all cured now, and thanks to Malcom for his help.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Long story-cut short then. I also have windows 10 and find It good. But many others, would disagree.

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    I thought you'd banned yourself I have given up on Win 10, terrible system.

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    I thought you had been culled.

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    I might be going back a bit but I like to think there is a winter or two in me yet

    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    I thought you had been culled.

    I thought about it once or twice

    I thought you'd banned yourself
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Its the Remain Camp John they are silencing you lol.

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    Right! I TOLD you guys - 'no one tell him we've moved'..... come on who gave him the new address???

    Missed you....
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    Didn't notice you'd been away John!
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    I Installed windows 10--O. M. G. what a disaster ?.
    Gone back to windows 7

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    I,m sure he was on an episode of benidorm the other week!,,,,he,s been moonlighting,!!!

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