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Thread: 2x Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50

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    2x Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50

    I have 2 similar but very different Schmidts for sale

    First up:
    4-16x50 Klassik Long Range.
    30mm tube.
    P3 mildot reticle, ffp.
    BDC elevation turret (single turn, zero stop)
    5mm clicks.
    875 registered post.

    Second up:
    4-16x50 PMII.
    34mm tube.
    P3 mildot reticle, ffp.
    Zero stop single turn turrets.
    1cm clicks.
    1200 registered post.
    The ERA Tac medium height rings pictured are included with the scope.

    Both scopes are in excellent condition, mechanically and optically. The PMII has very slight rings marks. Both scopes are boxed with scope covers and manuals, warranty etc. Postage by registered post. Advertised elsewhere.
    Thanks for looking.
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    After getting a few requests for pics of the marks on the scope, they're hard to capture but I hope you get the gist.

    The scratch on the objective is from when a torch mounted to the scope knocked off it when I was taking it off. There is also a scratch on the parallax knob in the 3rd pic.

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    Both scopes still available

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    Nice scope: have a bump on me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesDeere View Post
    Bump up
    How about a swap for a mint Kahles 4.5-18x50 with Multizero turret?

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    How about a swap for a mint Kahles 4.5-18x50 with Multizero turret?
    Interesting.... PM sent

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    Price drop 820
    Or swap/trade for z6/z6i 3-18x50 4A
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