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    I used to be a member a while back, can't remember my login!

    I shoot a lot of different calibers in both shotguns and rifles. My go-to round for most things is my .243

    Planning a custom .222 sometime soon.

    Im mostly a shotgun shooter...pigeons & rabbits in the summer, walked up and driven game in the winter and as much wildfowling as I can fit in (mostly flighting inc an annual trip to Scotland for the pinks)


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    Hi Jaffffa,

    Welcome back to the site

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    Welcome jaffffa. Do you shoot the Tay when you come up for pinks ?

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    Welcome from another goose slayer.

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    Cheers guys! Quite nice to be back on a site which isn't facebook!

    I've never shot on the Tay! Is it good?

    Mostly head to the Solway, I visit family connections in Cumbria, so its only a quick trip up from there! I'd like to see and shoot a bit more of Scotland...a 'serious wildfowling' acquaintance always suggests his guide there.

    Never shot anything that didn't have feathers in Scotland...YET. A nice Red is definitely on my to-do list in the next year!

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    Welcome to the site, again

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome back to the site.

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