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Thread: My Friend In Africa.....

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    I do nt wish to appear stupid but what is it???????????

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    Bushpig. Taste great, better than fillet steak.


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    Thanks Stan,

    I thought it was a ant eater!!!

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    with a bunged up nose...

    Cracking time for a young lad..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    They look just like wild boar.

    Hunt them at night by sound in the Mealiie. You get within 50 feet of them, switch on your light, then have but 2 seconds to shoot as they leg it into the crop.

    Local hunters tend to do it in socks to keep the sound down.

    All in all a scary experience as you have to trust the other guns and it's all in the dark, reliant on you hearing them chew.


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    Ahhhh Bush Pigs. Seen a few of them in my time always started to look better after the 5th pint.

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