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Thread: Jo Cox - new MP?

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    Jo Cox - new MP?

    Well I had put this on the original Jo Cox thread - but having then seen the news "Pop up" from the Independent I thought I had better start a new thread...

    Originally, having first offered my condolences i was interested to find out if anyone knows what will happen to re-elect an MP.

    Can the powers that be (as I think they definitely should) have an uncontested by-election?

    ..And then I saw this.

    Jo Cox: Former BNP politician Jack Buckby to contest by-election for murdered MP's Batley and Spen seat | UK Politics | News | The Independent

    Jesus. Have some people no dignity? (I edited my first response for fear of getting banned).
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    I hope & imagine that he'll get the kicking he deserves at the ballot box (figuratively speaking, of course).
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    I was shocked to hear on the radio last week that Ian Gow was not afforded the same dignity, when he was blown up. The Lord commenting on it said that was different because he was blown up by the IRA which were sort of legitimate?

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    I think not putting up other candidates is wrong. It might be for the right reasons but it is still wrong. What right have people in London to say that people cannot vote for the candidate they wish. It is an insult to the principles of democracy which I believe Jo Cox was a fervent believer. People should be allowed to vote for who they wish. The last three MPs murdered were not afforded this priveledge so why now. An attack on democracy has been made our method of fighting it surely must be to stick to democratic principles.


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    It's a by-election. It should be contested by any parties / persons that wish to as any other.

    That's the strength of democracy, it follows the law and continues.
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