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    Hi guys

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but I'm looking for an experienced stalker in the Worcestershire area to potentially mentor me? I am currently studying towards a degree in countryside management with the aim of working in the industry and I would like to specialise in deer, I have obtained my dsc1 and have spent the last year working at a national trust deer park to this end. I would love to start managing an area of wild deer, but I don't feel that the experience I currently have is good enough to just go out and start asking for permissions (as if they are that easy to obtain anyway) 😅. I am not particularly looking to do any shooting as I feel that is the easier part to become proficient in, it is more the fieldcraft and animal selection that I am keen to learn.

    Thanks in advance guys, I hope I've put everything needed in here, if not I'm sure you'll let me know 😁


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    Quick bump for the weekend

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    Jack, best of luck with this. All my ground is just too far from you to be practical. Try calling the local FC office as they might be able to help.

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    Thanks Rob that's a good idea, should have thought of it myself really!


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