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Thread: Beautiful Sako 75 .243 + T12 mod + Zeiss Conquest setup - reluctant salel

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    Beautiful Sako 75 .243 + T12 mod + Zeiss Conquest setup - reluctant salel

    I recently bought this lovely setup from a fellow SD member, who was a pleasure to deal with and sold me his pride and joy. The wood is really nice and in very good condition. Its an oiled stock, so has a finish that can be maintained easily. The barrel has a slight rub where the mod has been, but isn't bad. It was threaded and re-crowned by a professional gunsmith. Overall, its a very clean and tidy gun with minimal use. The scope is a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x50 in great condition and held on with Sako Optilock 1'' Blued rings and bases.

    The package includes;

    Sako 75 .243 with oiled stock and blued barrel (Complete with handbook and bolt cocking tool)
    T12 Moderator
    Zeiss Conquest 3-9x50 Scope
    Sako Optilock Rings and bases

    There is also a bag of once fired brass, which came with the rifle. I'd rather not split the package, so will let it run as a complete setup for a week or so.

    PRICE DROP... 1000 Postage Paid at my end to your RFD or F2F. Sensible offers will be considered, would also split the package..

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    If you don't mind me asking what was it that made you change your mind in keeping it

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    My cabinet isn't big enough and i've just got my old 7-08 back, which will be better for fallow/red..

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with the Sako, i really do like them, lovely mag systems and good triggers, but just not quite the best horse for this course.

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    What thread is it cut too?

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    How do Hortysnorty.. its 1/2'' UNF

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    This is pretty much exactly the setup I'll be looking for when my FAC Finaly comes threw the door, have a bump on me

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