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Thread: Trip through scotland

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    Trip through scotland

    Hi stalkers

    I'm planning a B&B tour through Scotland with my girlfriend in July, we're in the mid-end twenties. First trip to Scotland for the two of us. As always, we like to discover and enjoy the landscape as well as the local cuisine. And I can't withhold to look out for fishing permits... As I read, the fishing rights belong to the landowners.
    How shall I attempt to get permissions in short term?
    Usually hunting isn't a topic in the holidays - got enough roe and boar at home (Tough would love to plan a stalk in Scotland one day..).
    But bagging a rabbit or two with a .22 for a meal would be awesome! Are there any chances with the gun regulations and hunting rights? I've got the swiss hunting and fishing permit, as well as a EU firearms pass.
    I've got humble expectations, don't need the best salmon streams to enjoy the outdoors!

    Any tips regarding special regions and accommodations?

    Thanks and Regards from Switzerland
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    Hi Delgado,

    You'll easily be able to find fishing on day permits for a couple of pounds upwards if you want to fish for trout on rivers or lochs. Salmon fishing is also available quite reasonably, but you may find yourself without enough water to fish effectively on a lot of rivers. Shooting is a lot more problematic as you'll need permission from landowners, as well as having to jump through all the hoops to bring a rifle across. I'm not sure of all the legalities, but I'm fairly certain you'll need an invitation to shoot any particular areas. No doubt someone will be able to advise better than I can though.

    As for where to visit? That really depends on what specifically you'd like to see, as there are so many places in Scotland that offer something really special, whether it's the Fife coast, the Western Isles, the Highlands, North East, etc. Or whether you want to focus on the cities. If you have time, and don't intend to spend too much time in any one place, I'd recommend driving from Edinburgh up the East coast to Perth via Dundee, then via the A9 through Perth and Pitlochry (that way you could fit in a trip to Ballater and Balmoral, too) to Inverness, and then following Loch Ness down though Glencoe and Oban to Loch Lomond, the West coast and then down to Stirling (and fit in a visit to Glasgow, perhaps?) before heading back across to Edinburgh through the Borders. There are plenty of B&Bs and campsites, and that way you'll see a great deal of varied Scottish scenery and be able to take in as much of the country as possible in a relatively short time, as well as being within easy reach of a lot of distilleries, castles and other historic sites. July is the time for Highland Games and other local events too, so you should find there's something to interest you at every stage of your trip. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!
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    Thanks Woodsmoke for your answer! We've got roughly two weeks’ time. Taking along a rifle isn't an option, isn't worth the hassle on the flight and during urban trips... We will visit Edinburgh and perhaps Glasgow too. Generally aren't too keen on cities, we do prefer the countryside.

    Now as you even have to register your air rifles, these aren't an option either...?!

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    Head for the north west of scotland it really is God's country,I'm going to applecross this wknd for a weeks stay in a log cabin.the scenery is just breathtaking.looks so wild and unspoilt u won't be disappointed my friend

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    Got to agree with Delgado.
    Although I live in the North East of Scotland, and it has some fantastic things to see and do, if you want to see spectacular scenery, and not too may people, then the North West is the place to go
    You could do a lot worse than following the North Coast 500 route North Coast 500 - Home



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