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Thread: Rapid response fox shooting

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    Rapid response fox shooting

    Last night we were both sitting out in an attempt to get a very lucky/ellusive dark dog fox which has elluded me for the last 10 days. He been in my cross hairs 3 times on each time skylined so he has been very lucky.

    Anyway at at 22.43 I had a txt from the farmer to say he seen a fox cub inside his chicken enclosure ( about 5 acres long rough grass and trees) surrounded by a 4ft v heavy duty mesh fence with electric fence on top. At 22.44 I text back saying we would scoot arround to that side of the farm. Pulled up and on the back of the motor had a fleating glimps of something in the long grass then lost it. Couple minutes later I caught sight of it again quick squeak and a thud as a 40 grn v max found its target at about 50 yds. 22.52 Txt to farmer "now dead", reply "brilliant"

    I wish everything would be so easy. We have been after these two cubs for 10 + days, I got one on the lamp last week this one went with aid of the Drone. Later on as just to taunt us we saw the v big fox hunting in the area I been sitting out on, but as per normal it just vanished.

    Total so far is 3 adult vixens (all showing signs of having weaned cubs) and 2 cubs(1 dog, 1 vixen) which were about size of a big cat. Pictures a bit to graphic to put up.

    Big dog fox still to be sorted.


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    Keep at 'em boys...........

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