Dear fellow Stalking Directory members,
Please can you help!
I've been sadly let down 10 mins ago by an AW (through no fault of his own) in trying to get my son to finish of this DSC2. I had been using this as a bargaining tool to get him to revise for his GCSE's and he worked his pants off.
As far as we are aware he will be the youngest person to complete the course at 15 but trust me gents he is a phenomenal stalker and would put most of us to shame. He's shot 30 plus deer now and sailed through his Dsc1 at 14 so is more than ready for his DSC2.
Are there any free AW's for this weekend that could help him on his quest?
We live in North Wales and can travel anywhere to meet up to shoot. Sadly we have no Roe or Munties on your land.
We need to get it done by July 15th as he is 16 on the 16th.
Hamish is truly an incredible lad and really can't let him down after revising so hard for his exams so any help possible for this or next weekend would make me eternally grateful.
Warmest wishes,