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Thread: 2g ? 3g? 4g?

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    2g ? 3g? 4g?

    Im about to buy a further mobile phone in the hope that a very basic phone: one that is not a smart phone (a idiot phone ??) will not drop calls with the same regularity that my iPhone does.
    My question is..... does it make a difference to CALLS if the phone is 2g, 3g or 4g ?

    Thanks in advance


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    It all depends, location and what you using it for.....I live in London and that 4g is so overrated. I start downloading crap I don't need and it sucks up so much juice, but good to have if you like to surf and play you tube. o2 doesn't work in my house but ee does, and it hardly works in the lake district. So talk to local buddies on recommendations on a provider. I think 3g is pretty much standard in rural areas....

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    Have a look at the Nokia x1 its a basic phone that takes 2 sims so if you live in ruralsville you can switch provider to get reception .No wifi or camera ,just simple tunes but gets reception in darkest Wales or wettest Lakeland .No 2/3/4/g just a straight phone to make phonecall,s with .atb
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    and there was I thinking that this thread might be about some proper fowling guns.

    Have always lived in areas where attaching those flat little ariel things have just about achieved a signal let alone 2g which is all we get when conditions are right here.

    Having said all that my 10 quid emergency phone from tescos gets a far better signal with its simple text and call capabilities than my moto g so called smart phone. Take a look at all phones on all networks you can in your area hopefully you will find a combination that just works for whatever reason and gets good signal

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    2g, 3g or 4g, it doesn't matter what your 'phone is capable of in rural areas if you can't get a signal. If you simply want a mobile to make calls with and send the odd text message, then you don't need to bother bother whether it's got 2,3, or 4G as that's all to do with download speeds, looking at streamed videos or music or downloading apps (used to be called programs), not the signal strength for calls. Except you need a good signal to do all those things.

    Unfortunately, most phone manufacturers seem to assume these days that the providers give great coverage everywhere and don't give too much attention to aerials these days on their 'phones. But it's as well to be aware that it takes a less strong signal to send a text than it does to maintain a voice call, so that's worth remembering if you are in a dodgy signal area.

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    Even with a smart phone capable of 4G you can still turn it off down to 2G/GPRS etc

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