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    Thumbs up Meindl Boot

    Hi all

    Thought i would let you know the great service i have received from meindl.

    I have had a pair of their dovre extreme boots for the last year and a half and found them fantastic. Recently they started leaking along the outside of the left boot and as they are 200+ i was not too happy.
    I got in touch with meindl in Austria who passed the issue on to meindl UK who asked for the boots back for inspection. They found a fault with the boot and have replaced them with a brand new pair which arrived today.

    So a big thanks to them for replacing an eighteen month old pair of boots and for a great service and I will certainly buy meindl again when these are done.


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    Good to hear about the excellent service. Got a pair of Meindls myself and find them very good for all sorts. Hopefully they won't need any repairs though!!

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    I have had two pairs of Meindl's and would never but any other, they know their stuff but I guess thats because they have been at if for so long!

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    Its worth having a look at

    I have owned around 8 pairs of Meindl's in different styles over the years but this time bought a pair of their Diotto no scratch boots. Apparently his sales in Meindl's have plummeted now he stocks these. know of several hill stalkers who swear by them. Nothing against Meindl, just thought I would try something different. All I would say is that they needed no breaking in and are are supremely comfortable.

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    Hi jamross

    I too have spoken to a few hill stalkers who have them and they all rave about them. I am happy with the meindl's for now but in future these may be a consideration.


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    i normally like to think for myself,but after a long thought i could not decide on a make of a new boot. so my first ever post for help was placed here on the stalking directory! i was amazed at the response i got and nearly all said meindl,so i immediately bought a pair and i was very impressed with them!!! i first put them on expecting blisters to break in,but they fit perfect from day one!!very comfortable to wear!! so ide like to say a big thanks to meindl,but even bigger thanks to all on here for your advice.i guess word of mouth says it all!!

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