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Thread: Can someone please explain

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    Can someone please explain

    Why we send out this country 350 million a week
    1 when we have ex armed forces living on the street.
    2 Trying to close glenfield childrens hospital to save money.
    3 NHS at breaking point ect.

    I just dont get why we do it.

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    Because we get 175 million pounds a week back in reward points. Silly you for not thinking things through properly.

    Reward points, of course, come with conditions. Other countries decide where the rewards are spent for us as we are too stupid to know how to do this for ourselves.

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    Because we have passed our useful date with the multinationals and their lackey politicians

    It i is time for us to roll over whilst the new batch of cheap and exploitable labor take our place

    We are quite simply expensive and in the way

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    And don't forget it means we get properly-shaped bananas
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    Can't blame it all on Europe. England has given India 1.6 billion pounds over the past 8 years. So in or out the stupidity will continue.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    If the Remain clan think it is so good for us to remain a member of the EU because it is so good, why hasn't it shown us to be so for the length of time we have already been a member ?
    The Remain clan say things can change for the better by staying in, why hasn't it changed already, why wait for a referendum to mention their intentions.

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    What nobody has pick up on the most vocal to leave are MEPs must be something wrong when they want to be unemployed and lose there big fat salaries ????

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    if we loose the out vote:

    IMO: we will be made to pay for it big style, made an example off etc.

    lets hope we don't loose.

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    I hope those that voted NO for 'independence in Scotland' realise. If they vote yes to europe they will be giving sturgeon a mandate for another referendum for independence, if the UK vote out....john

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    Well I've just put my cross where it counts

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