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Thread: Steiner Ranger binoculars.

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    Steiner Ranger binoculars.

    Steiner Ranger 8x30self focusing ,for sale new boxed all paper work , opened to check contents and see if they were working. Bought to replace my 30 year old plus East German Zeiss self focusing bins.Having used the old ones for 30 years plus have decided to stay with the old ones.
    The Rangers are very good clear and bright light and tough by reputation .Steiner instructions say they will focus from 20m to infinity .Its more like 25/30 to infinity.,for closer work they are very good from 10to150m if re focused .
    So all in all a good pair of bins for stalking,deer, foxes rabbits etc. you can spy your ground with out having to re focus .Open to any questions
    On net for 275, see photos 185ono, inc post for quick sale.Click image for larger version. 

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    Price Drop 155 inc Post.

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