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Thread: Conspiracy Theories

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    Conspiracy Theories

    Have any well known conspiracy theories ever been proved to be true?

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    Landing on the Moon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Have any well known conspiracy theories ever been proved to be true?
    ......I think a book was going to be published that proved beyond any doubt the truth behind all the conspiracy theories.....but it was mysteriously hushed up and never got to print.........

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    I noted disbelief elsewhere, but -

    1. Anyone up for explaining why Thorium Molten Salt Reactors basically handed to China

    2. The documentary about the moon landing - cant recall who's it wa - which I sat down to lauh at actually had me going - er hang on....
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    Lets face it, conspiracy theories say more about the lies of corporations, politicians etc. There are no lengths they would not go to - therefore there could be a small truth in the most outrageous stories - so I'm told.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Landing on the Moon?
    Despite all the balderdash that appears in various TV programmes I can prove to you, beyond all doubt, that the USA landed on the moon.

    At the time of the moon landing America was, basically, at war with the Soviet Union. The Soviets never once said that the Americans didn't land on the moon.
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    I personally know three astronauts who landed on the Moon, and have known them since I was a boy. And I know a good number of engineers who worked on the rockets, managed the development of the software, and worked in Mission Control. I saw one of them last month, on his way to a reunion in Huntsville, Alabama. He was the man in Houston in the radio with Buzz, when Buzz said he had to go hit a golf ball.

    Yes, we went to the Moon.

    But conspiracy theories about political chicanery are, very often, very true. The guilty try to laugh off critics by using, "conspiracy theory" as a smear. An example is Hillary Clinton dismissing charges that the $153 million she and her husband were paid by foreign governments and banks was for favors is a, "conspiracy theory". That one is true, too.

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