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Thread: Swarovski 8x32EL binos

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    Swarovski 8x32EL binos

    Reluctant sale of my lovely Swarovski 8x32EL binos.
    One tiny mark on outer edge of right hand ocular lens, unnoticeable when in use, otherwise excellent condition.
    Boxed with genuine semi hard case, quick adjustable strap and fitted with Swaro bino gard.
    Looking for 675, please PM for photos by email.
    Go on, treat yourself for the stags !

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    I've used these binos of Malcolm's and they are spotless other than the tiny mark mentioned on right ocular lense , but I too can clarify that it makes no difference or problem in use and is not noticeable
    & Malcolm does take care of his kit !


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    Thanks for the photos

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    Thanks for the pics Malcolm

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    These are off to Swarovski to have the marked occular lens replaced, will bump back up with a revised description when they come back all shiny. They'll be for sale at the same price regardless of the cost of repair.

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    Sold pending satisfactory condition on return from Swaro.

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