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    Hi all,of all the places to get a bout of gout its in my trigger finger normally get it in big toe total agony,doctor prescribed me ibuprofen doesn,t seem to relieve pain,anybody suffer with it,what do you take to relieve pain.

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    I take no alcohol. Sadly that is the only long term solution. Port is "bottled gout" and red wine not much worse. It's all about the crystals they say. I had gout in my toes too. It isn't funny. But it is self-inflicted. So I don't drink alcohol except the one "go" maybe once a week or even less.

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    hi bobby, I get bad attacks at times, usually in my toe or the arch of my foot or else my ankle, which ever one is bloody agony but doc told me ibuprofen and the worse it became the more I harassed them and they now have me on alpurinol which I take daily and colchiseen which is used if I have a attack but touch wood since the alpurinol dose has been sorted out ive been pain free!! That's not good in the trigger finger though!! anywhere but there!

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    I have gout for around twenty years, on & off, firstly creeping in in the big toe joints, then in the knees, thankfully no probs in the neck or shoulders like some poor beggars, not had the toe/knee attacks for a long time, but permanent damage in the feet & ankles, firstly prescribed Piroxicam (a good sledge hammer for pain,) now they are frightened to prescribe it, then Diclofenac, again they are shying away from this one, lately Allopurinol has fended it off pretty much altogether, BUT the possibilities of a massive attack on starting on Allopurinol are attendant, the sooner you get it under control, the better for long term damage control, Red wine / port contain purines, the main ignition factor in gout, but these purines are present in some of the healthy foodstuffs too, oily fish/green veg, so everyones trigger foods are different, you just need to identify yours, Steve.
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    hi. Endieldspares.
    I've suffered with gout for a few years now no joke I know. was taking Allopurinol but my optician took me off said that it was no good for my eyesight. Anyway was told to take a glass of cherry juice ever morning and it works for me. Not had any gout since I started cherry juice. Hope it works for you.

    All the best Stephen.

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    Montmorency Cherries are supposed to be the most effective.
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    I have suffered from it too. An old guy suggested that I try a half spoon of bi-carbonate of soda dissolved in a glass of water every day.
    I thought he was talking rubbish, but in the last five years it seems to have worked.
    It could be just a placebo, but I don't care, some of the attacks that I had, made me want to amputate my own feet to stop the pain.

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    Alcohol is only part of the problem. I've been suffering from joint pain recently (knee, & ankle) and couldn't understand what was causing it. Then I had a terrible pain in the big toe joint, and the doctor said it was gout.

    I'm pretty much alcohol free (really) but tend to eat a lot of Red meat, chicken, fish, and gout is also linked to a high protein diet.

    Have a look at the link. The intake of Red meat, especially "Venison", liver, etc', should be greatly reduced. Colchichine sorted it for me, but you need to be very careful how much you take.

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    I have four in my left foot, been diagnosed for nearly five years now. I take allopurinol every day and touch wood that keeps it at bay. If I do get an attack the Declofenac nails it like no other drug!

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    The cyanidin in cherries is a natural anti-inflammatory which can reduce the swelling and pain of gout. Lidl do jars of I think Morello cherries which are good value and 'do the job'. Well worth a try. As Lateral points out liver is a definite no no.

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