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Thread: An odd looking creature...

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    An odd looking creature...

    That scope looks a long way from the bore but I guess it must work. I've never thought about what you would do if you were right handed and lost your right eye before.

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    Very interesting indeed.

    I've seen some of the old sniper rifles that had a similar offset scope, but I still can't work out how this configuration provides accurate alignment from, say 50m to 1000m. Surely being offset, the visual alignment is different to the bore alignment, so the two would only cross at your preferred zeroing range? Or is the offset not enough to matter? Or am I missing the point entirely!

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    Exactly what I was does the lateral allignment work?

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    not having a blond moment or anything like that !! but in the past iv seen rifle scope mounted in this way before and i thought it was for shooters who mount their rifle on usual right shoulder but their left eye had the best vision??????

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    It is just that. I built some off-set bases for a customer of mine once because he lost his right eye. They looked a lot like those but for a coarse windage adjustment to get the guy on the ball park, as we say. When set, they are for one distance only and all other distances must be compensated for.~Muir

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    `thanks for confurming that & thats what i thought once zeroed in further distances would have to be compensated . .

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    All you have to do is zero the rifle at the longest distance you envisage shooting at. At all lesser distances it's only ever going to be the distance between your eyes, at most, off your aiming point. On a deer's chest (provided the shot's a good one) that's not going to amount to much.
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