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Thread: Manic Press/media reaction to Brexit

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    Manic Press/media reaction to Brexit

    Am I the only one appalled by the neurotic news reporting by the Media? The same news repeated over 3 days about the Footsie falling when it has stabilised; Junkers and a "messy divorce" when Germany is willing to trade. If stability was ever important and positive reporting it is now yet sensationalising continues - Cameron, Scotland, another referendum, support from Greece.

    I have changed my view of the media over this, self first, self last, self always, money, money, money, no thought for the effects of the wild reporting - its like a feeding frenzy.
    Anyone know of links to European english-language newspapers, even the FT Weekend is at it - normally a sane read.
    I am reaching the conclusion not listening to the news is the right approach.

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    Never found the media to be honest. They serve an agenda - only people with eyes shut cannot see that.
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    I boycotted newspapers in 1997....all of them, following their biased & punitive reporting to ban guns following Dunblane.
    OK, it was my own personal thing, but my wife supported my decision and stopped buying papers. Not one has come into our house since, despite the fact I have a very good, old friend, of 50 years (retired now) who is/was a well known Staff Royal photographer for a leading National newspaper.
    He, at the top of his profession, also a shooting man was appalled at their own papers reporting and that of all UK news media and the resulting handgun ban.

    I think people have gone into panic mode and the TV media really aren't helping. None of the analysts have a clue and the political moves concerning UK exit strategy cannot be taken until there is a new Tory leadership. As to early general elections as a result of all this, well to my mind it's nonsense. Enough has to be dealt with dealing with our EU departure and a strong Brexit team is required for that purpose.
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    Unfortunately, we live in a society that has professional politicians who's sole ambition is go either get into power or stay in power, regardless of the peoples best interests/ opinions and a media who's sole job is sensationalise the news in such a way to outrage the great unwashed.

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    What sells papers gets printed. Nothing else is relevant.

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    The papers have been printing what they want for years and making sure that the truth does not get in the way of a good story.
    About forty years ago a man I knew had a tree fall on his house it went completely through and ended up in the lounge.
    The press visited him and quoted him as saying,more or less, " My life is in ruins my dream home has been destroyed "What he actually said to them was "F--- O--"
    Which considering what had just happened I find quite reasonable ????


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    The Media cannot be trusted,EVER!!

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    I got some odd comments when I said I watched Al Jazeera , along with the Beeb & Sky too, trying to balance all the crap out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    I got some odd comments when I said I watched Al Jazeera , along with the Beeb & Sky too, trying to balance all the crap out.

    Ditto with buying the Guardian & the Telegraph. If you can filter out the political bias from either of them & spot & blank the recycled press-releases I find I get a reasonably well informed view of the world. I usually find that the way I want to follow lies somewhere in the middle of the 2 & it'a always interesting to read the 2 different interpretations of one set of events.

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