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    Tikka stock

    Hi all,

    A mate is looking for a plastic / composite stock for his pristine Tikka590, it has a really good deluxe stock on which he is wanting to keep that way.

    Would the T3 stocks fit straight swap or would there be some tinkering, any other stocks that would work?

    Cheers leon

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    A T3 stock will not fit a 590. Tried it and they are way out would need more than a bit of tinkering.
    Why not get a Boyds stock you would have to order a 595 but these would fit.
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    Just noticed "Waggy1" had one up for sale a few weeks ago.

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    as Steve says, the t3 stock will never fir it, get a old black 590/595 stock, I did this for my tikka 595 in 20 tac and built in a battery and charger for my drone, great stocks that will take a good bit of beating up and it saves the good stock from getting damaged etc,

    i paid 70 for mine and it's well worth it,

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