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Thread: Bowhunting with Wild Horizon

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    Bowhunting with Wild Horizon

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    Just got back from my trip to the Eastern Cape with Guy from Wild Horizon.

    Firstly,I will definitely be going back!!

    This is my first trip with Guy, communication was superb and contact was made frequently via emails and telephone conversations. I went with 3 other friends who are rifle shooters, I needed a slightly different approach as I was spot and stalk bow hunting. Guy understood to the letter what I was looking to achieve from this trip, I couldn't fault anything.

    The concessions we hunted on were exactly as he described and suited our type of hunting.

    When we arrived at East London airport we were met by Guy, Clint and the PH's. From that moment onwards everything was taken care of from transport, accommodation, food, drinks etc.

    At the end of the hunt 4 very happy hunters were taken back to East London airport where Guy and his team stayed with us and checked in our luggage and firearms.

    8 days spot and stalk: 2 Trophy pigs , 2 Cull pigs, Bushbuck and a Zebra

    An exceptional hunting experience.
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    Its really good to see you are doing some proper hunting Gary.

    My gear is hanging on the wall of my den, havnt practised even for a few months
    now. guess Im getting too old for adventures.

    Good hunting .................Bob

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    You sound made up & rightly so
    Great advert for the outfitter he sounds like he has done his homework

    Well done I'm jealous


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    Quote Originally Posted by badbob View Post
    Its really good to see you are doing some proper hunting Gary.

    My gear is hanging on the wall of my den, havnt practised even for a few months
    now. guess Im getting too old for adventures.

    Good hunting .................Bob
    Bob, your never too old, I have six heads taken with Guy at home, I turned 70 recently, will work out on my walking and cardio via an exercise bike, as I will go back with him next year. Guy said I was a "dedicated hunter who works hard to achieve his trophies", I definitely want to go back next year for sure, you're a long time dead, life must not have too many missed opportunities. deerwarden

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    Nice hunting! Just putting up some piccis from my trip with Guy in May. Always a pleasure hunting with Wild Horizon.
    If God didn't want us to have guns, he wouldn't have given us trigger fingers!

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    Looks nice. Zebras not my cup of tea would have picked something else but horses for courses I guess. Bow hunting is something I swore I would never do but I have watched a few videos now and cant get it out of my head, even looked at a trip to Eastern Europe to go after something. What sort of lb pull is your bow and weight arrows? Thanks

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    Looks like you are well on your way.

    What heads are you using (guessing one of the fixed blades based on head cover on your quiver)?

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    I'm using a

    Bear Escape Bow
    70lb draw weight
    Arrows are Easton Bloodline 330 at 8.71 GPI.
    Steel Force phathead 100grn Broadhead
    Total arrow weight is around 400grn.

    I have always used the Phathead Broadhead, but this year I took a couple of pigs with a Nap Killzone mechanical head with a 2" cut.
    Just my personnel choice but I will be sticking to the Steel force Phathead for future trips.

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    Guy, his son, and the P.H. from wild horizons are all avid bow hunters, never really wanted to do it myself, but sat and watched Guys son try to get onto some animals. He didn't take any, but it was a revelation to watch from afar how he worked with the wind etc to close the distance, and how close he was to the one he was hunting, before being seen by a totally different animal. We who use rifles, have a much easier task to take our trophy's. Walk a long way and stalk in till we can take a shot. We shoot our trophy's from a much longer range, obviously bow hunters REALLY have to use all their skills to get in close to take their trophies. I still don't want to do it, but its much more intense than I realised, and I'm no longer opposed to it. Draw weights, arrow heads weights and types, lots of things to take into account as we rifle hunters do. Its very popular in S.A. and Guys concessions have lots of areas of thick bush land with game trails running through them that lends itself to bow hunting. I now really think bow hunters work harder than we rifle shooters do for each of the animals they take, I might have a go next time I go, still unsure of the ethics though. Any bow hunters can enlighten me more on the effects of the arrow's on its strike point, deerwarden

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