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Thread: Medal Heads

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    Medal Heads

    I know Im expressing my ignorance here but I was wondering if someone could give me an explanation of what the point of the medal system is and how it is useful?

    As someone whose primary goal is to fill the freezer trophys are not something that have featured in my mind until I posted up some pics of my first Buck which seemed to cause a bit of an outcry

    To be clear Im not knocking the concept I just genuinely dont understand how it all works.



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    Don't worry - a lot of us are more interested in managing deer than collecting trophies

    For a good summary of how the trophy measuring system works in general check out this link:

    The BASC measuring system, however, does not fall under CIC rules. The CIC is the "Conseil International de la Chasse", or the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation as it's now called. They are generally recognised as the governing body for trophy measurement, at least here in Europe. You can check out the UK CIC here: and the CIC themselves here:

    The CIC publish two important documents, the Red Book (which describes the formula used to measure all sorts of trophies) and the Blue Book (which gives the corresponding medal categories). You can download them both here:

    Have a look through these and post again if you still have questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiltsPat View Post
    how it is useful?

    Now that's a MUCH bigger question!

    First off, shooting a medal head has little to do with the hunter, at least IMHO. Some stalkers pay a lot of money to shoot a medal head, which can lead to undue pressure on the deer (and the stalker if you're guiding a client!). You will also see stalkers who will buy medal heads from other stalkers, though why you'd want the antlers from a deer that you personally hadn't shot defeats me, but each to their own.

    Received opinion is that medal heads in deer are more dependent on access to good food than genetics (tin hat on and awaiting incoming!!). If true, this somewhat belies the idea of 'not shooting deer with medal heads to instead keep them as breeding stock'. From what I can see, we still don't know what leads to a medal head and how, if at all, this is passed on through genetic material.

    More important is the deer management (cull) plan in determining the mixture by species, sex (male/female) and age (young, middle aged, old) of animals to be culled each year. Then if you are out stalking, see a good buck, and you still have an appropriate animal in your cull plan, then shoot it.

    So what do the medal statistics tell us? They might tell us that our deer management plans are working (i.e. we have the right number of deer for the food available) or they might tell us that the general deer stock is improving (i.e. we are selectively breeding deer with bigger antlers) or they might tell us that the stalking guides are doing a better job (i.e. they are guiding clients on to better deer). Personally, I think the medal statistics are interesting reading, but little more


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    Thanks Willie I hadnt appreciated the "Award" was literal as in you actually got an award

    **Edit. Your second post covered my Q here as we were obviously typing at the same time.

    Thanks thats pretty much cleared up my confusion.

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    Probably the best post on Trophy Buck and things I have read on here! Top marks Willie.

    I think trphies are a nice way of bringing back memories, I dont get why you want to have trophies you havent shot yourself. But I do think that they are nice to look at, sort of natures art if you will.

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    Willie has summed it up very well above. The only thing that I would add is that the use of a grading/scoring system allows some estates to price animals accordingly, again there good and bad points to this, and, it does encourage long term management.

    There are many schools of thought on wild deer management but I think the one thing that most people would agree upon is that short leases to the highest bidder are a bad thing especially if the highest bidder also happens to be inexperienced and/or greedy.

    Do not confuse deer management, in its many forms, for 'vermin' control as practised in some areas.

    Lastly, never be afraid to ask a question.

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    I suppose that we have to ask ourselves, what defines a trophy?

    Is it something that you hang on a wall that reminds you or a wonderful morning/evening/trip or is it the biggest you were able to find/buy? There are many on this website who say 'not that I'm a trophy hunter' but look at this huge buck I shot last night! I have many trophies from Europe and Africa, a few have medals but most do not and have not been measured. I think/hope that the CIC system provides information and research data as to population and quality, I am certainly keener on CIC than I am on SCI which does seem to be more about getting into the Record Book, if not the Top Ten. That said SCI is a very active and strong pressure group and the Countyside Alliance could learn a great deal from them.

    I suppose that I am a trophy hunter as I have kept most if not every trophy bearing head I have shot, they are all memories. Do I get excited when I shoot an odd or large Roe Buck - yes. Does that make me a bad person in some eyes yes.

    Some will say that the money side of things of stalking brings it into disrepute but the other way is that it brings money into estates which in many cases are run on very tight margins. I would love it to be free but estates are rarely charities and have to break even and preferably make a profit.

    I shall now pick up my soap box and head toward speakers corner!


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    Most meadals i have shot have been old deer and in that they will be heavyier normally . To me to have trophys of such quality on the ground after many years of Deer managment tells me i am doing somthing correct and that the deer are at there best a poor deer dose not grow a good head. It is also important to keep a record of carcase weight this will also tell you if what you are doing is correct. Do i like shooting good buck yes if they are on the cull plan and by there best they make a far more challenging stalk than a one or two year old. Were i am there is realy no problem filling the freezer

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    after 30 years of shooting muntjac and just discarding the heads,one day i decided to just see whether one of my heads was a trophy.It was by no means one of the best heads i had shot but thought i would send it off just out of interest.Wrapped it all carefully and sent it to richard prior.It came back quite promptly and was a gold.As i say by no means one of the best i had shot do god knows how many medal heads i must of had
    It was just for interest,i never bothered sending for the medal and have never scored one since.I actually mounted the head and gave it ,along with certificate ,to the owner of the ground i shot it on,He was chuffed to bits with it so kept me in favour.Later did a roe head for him too

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